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Our Classes


At the 'Dance in Motion Academy' we offer a wide range of dance classes taught by highly qualified teachers. We believe that students should be given the chance to experience and train to the highest level in a range of dance styles allowing them to become versatile performers in an ever changing dance world. All classes offer opportunities to take dance examinations with IDTA/RAD/ISTD/NATD/Acrobatic Arts (ucas points are awarded for vocational grades) 


We offer the following classes:


Classical Ballet:


This classical style of expressive movement has something to offer for

everyone. Ballet for pleasure or for the more serious-minded, this

classical style has something to offer everyone. Ballet dates back to the

17th century and the conventional steps, grace and fluidity of movement

are still found in Ballet today. Choreographers have been influenced by

composers through the ages. Ballet has a technique which is the

foundation of all dance.



Tap Dance:


A gentle, rhythmical and enjoyable way to keep fit!

Tap is rhythm – rhythm is tap. Its origins are many and varied.

Americans claim its origin dates from the African Jazz age.

The Irish stake their claim to the Jigs and Step Dancing.

The English relate back to northern Clog Dancers but whichever one

chooses to believe, Tap is as popular today as it was in the

heyday of the great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals.



Modern Jazz:


Varying rhythms and styles for fun musical interpretation.

Modern Jazz is fun. You will learn to develop many different

movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms

and musical styles. Classes are structured to begin to prepare

the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate

emotion through interpretation of any musical genre.

One minute you may be dancing to the rhythm of a drum,

the next to a funky jazz style. You may explore contrast between

expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood.




Gymnastic Dance:


Creating elegant, acrobatic routines.

With inspiration from gymnastic floor work and rhythmic gymnastics,

this dance style incorporates acrobatic movement into elegant flowing

routines, with creative, expressive lifts and poses.

Requiring strength, flexibility and technique.




Cheerleading/Pom Dance:


Cheerleading combines a variety of dynamic performance skills.

High-energy moves – including tricks and stunts, plus motivational

cheers and chants – make this a vibrant and lively dance style.

Routines require strength, flexibility and technique all of which

are taught in these classes.






Street Dance/ Hip Hop:


An improvisational, hip-hop inspired, active dance style.
Street Dance is improvisational and social in nature, encouraging

interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers.

The hip-hop dance style B-boying, and the funk-style Popping

and Locking, are some of the most popular Street dance styles.

These forms of hip-hop dance are the most prominently practiced,

and commercialised versions have been professionally developed and

choreographed for dance routines in pop, hip-hop, electronic,

and R&B music videos. Street dance has evolved between people

in a social environment, dancers create their own style and moves.





Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation,

unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary

dancers focus on floor work, using gravity to pull them down to

the floor. This dance genre is often done in bare feet.

Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles

of music.




Commercial Dance:
We offer regular materclasses in commercial dance.

Commercial is a strong and sexy style with elements of street

and sometimes jazz. Alot of the dancers on music videos and MTV are classed

as commercial dancers. Routines will be danced to the latest pop, r’n’b and

chart music. Think Ciara, Rhianna, Britney, Beyonce, Lady Gaga

and The Pussycat Dolls.





Pre-School Dance Classes:


We accept students at the Academy from ages 2yrs+ .

A range of Pre-school classes are offered in Ballet,

Gymnastics (Gym Totz) and  fundamental movements of

Street Dance and Cheerleading (Totz in Motion). We follow the

'Melody Movement and Early Learning' programme, encouraging

students to build their confidence and learn lots of new and exciting

dance steps.  



Adult Classes:


We offer a range of adult dance classes from beginner to advanced

level. We have classes available for adults in Ballet,

Commercial/Hip Hop and Pom Dance These classes are great if you

would like to learn to dance. If you have experience we also have classes

that cater for the more experienced dancer



PTB - (Progressing Ballet Technique):

Dancers find this an excellent form of exercise, using the Swiss ball

to reinforce training and technique through muscle memory. 

Especially good for turn out and core stability. Progressing Ballet Technique

is an innovative program designed for students to understand the depth of

training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet
























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