Examination Opportunities

At the Dance in Motion Academy, we offer a wide range of exams and assessments to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities with several leading professional dance organisations including the IDTA, RAD, NATD, BBO and ISTD.


The grades we study provide a positive structure for the students where they can enjoy dancing but also develop excellent technique and performance. The children can be entered for the examinations which we promote. However these are not a pre-requisite for advancement and students can move up to the following grade at the teachers discretion.


We provide examination opportunities in the following genres:











The qualifications gained are recognised by the QCF (Qualification and Credit framework) and are highly valued with the industry, by universities and other HE institutions offering degree courses and programmes in the performing arts. The exam results also transfer into UCAS points to support University application for all courses.


Please find below links to the IDTA, RAD, NATD, BBO and ISTD UCAS point tariff


IDTA: https://www.idta.co.uk/members-hub/qualifications/ucas-tariff-points/

RAD: https://www.rad.org.uk/achieve/exams/Results%2C%20qualifications%20and%20recognition/ucas-points

NATD: https://www.natd.org.uk/education/pdfs/faq_ofqual_ucas.pdf

ISTD: http://www.istd.org/courses-and-training/resources/ucas-points-for-istd-qualifications/


The decision to enter a student is made at the discretion of the teacher and with the approval of appropriate carers. Many factors are taken into consideration when an entry is made. In the majority of the cases it is the length of time spent in class and ability levels. Some exam entries have restricted age requirements. 



Once a student has been entered, you will receive an invitation to join an examination and  ‘Exam Bill’.  This will include the cost of: Exam Fee, Practice CD Playlist, Pianist free/Operator fee and exam classes. These additional classes are crucial to practice the settings of exams in the correct groups and also allow us to finalise the technique and performance levels required for the examination.


Once the student has committed to an examination, it is pivotal that attending all examinations lessons is a priority.



Students are required to wear the appropriate uniform for their grade (see uniform list). The presentation of student’s hair is important, all students and parents/carers will be advised prior to exam. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to meet the requirements. 


Students must be ready (in uniform, with hair done) 45minutes before their exam time so they have the appropriate time to practice as on occasions exams can run ‘early’ leaving students at risk of missing their examination.


Members of staff will be present throughout to provide support/ advice and to ensure all students have an enjoyable experience throughout the examination day.